Ending Hunger Among Children

Your donation can make a difference!


Bread Beyond Borders is a registered charitable program under Lighthouse Missions Society, that has been feeding and helping families both her​e in Canada and in the Philippines since 2005.


Bread Beyond Borders has been working hard in providing support to families in marginalized sectors of society. We realized even though there are already a number of government & private programs to combat malnutrition, there are always more children to reach and to feed.




Feeding Program

BBB is striving hard to be able to provide nutritious meals  to those who suffer from hunger. We also distribute other goods and groceries to sustain the lack of food in every families.

School Supplies Distribution

By providing today’s children with educational support, BBB donates school supplies such as pen, paper, crayons, and other educational materials to equip and help them fulfill their potential.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

Promoting good personal hygiene habits does more than protect children from the threat of germs and disease. It also promotes their general health. BBB through its different donors receives soaps, toothbrush & toothpaste and sends them to BBB’s local community center for distribution.   

Clothes Donation

Children of indigenous group seldom have a chance to buy decent clothes. We accept used clothes and send it to our beneficiaries.

Sunday School

Instilling values in kids during their formative years, contributes invaluably to how they treat themselves and others as they grow. BBB shares godly & christian values to these kids to guide them early.

Leadership Training

BBB regularly holds training and conferences to support and equip our leaders and volunteers as they raise new leaders who will continue what we started.


Our​ programs depends on the generosity of our individual donors and other charitable organizations who continuously support us.